Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Speaking London : Sue Anna Joe's Fashion Blog!

Salam n Good Morning readers!

Today is Speaking London Day, because i want to take the challenge of my lovely, cute, petite and of course, naturally talented photographer, kak Sue Anna Joe!

I think this is cooooooool project! so, every Wednesday i'll wrote in English. New solution maybe?

Actually, this week, i just want to share Kak Anna new fashion blog, Count The Thread!

recently she went to MAYSAA London : LIVE FASHION / LOVE MUSIC feat Yuna and HANA TAJIMA, yes, HANA TAJIMA!!

ok focus on what i love about this blog. see how this cute mommy of one children, rock her style!

love the boots, the oxford, the shawl! errr, hi there Luqman! ;B

and....................!! ta-da!

simple, sweet and inspiring ;) kak Anna mana taw ni tema i kelabu pink putih ni??? (ouch kantoi BM!)

ok, beside her Budu dan Belacan, The Blog of an Excited Mom, Sue Anna Joe, and her studio blog Itudio Studio, Count The Thread is your next must read fashion blog!

okay bye!

*sorry kak Anna curik gambar, jgn garang2 periksa grammar saya yangg kelang kabut taw hihi.

* terus makan nasik lemak akibat kak Anna bagi idea nak makang mende pagi-pagi, follow twitter dia skrg! ;B

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